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Walnut blended with Jatoba…

The reason for using the description “chest” is because of the design. It is larger than most wooden boxes, and this particular chest is modeled after a medieval chest.

The Walnut is probably from California and the Jatoba is from either Central or South America. The burnt orange of the Jatoba blend with the chocolate hue of the Walnut. The hinges are two dowels, one on each side.

Within the inner compartments there is room for two fluted glasses and a bottle of wine in a burgundy, bordeaux, or a standard champagne bottle. The Red Oak tray fits on top and will hold love letters and possibly some other slim items.

There are no locks or fasteners on this particular box but that could be arranges

$360.00 plus tax and shipping

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A while back my wife’s nephew finally married his significant other, and as part of the wedding vows, they sealed two bottles of wine in a “wine box” that I made especially for them. The box has double locks, one key for the groom and one for the bride, and they are going to open the box every five years and down the wine.

I was checking the internet sometime after that event and noticed how there was some interesting wine boxes but not any with uniqueness or of luxury woods. Thus, enjoying working with wood, I decided to take some time and develop Anniversary Wine Chests. Each one will be unique, use exotic and special woods, and they will be constructed to last down through the generations. (I’m an optimist here. I have attended a number of 50th wedding anniversaries, and my parents were married 65 years)

What’s the ambience of a wine wedding ceremony…

I’m no expert here but a little research has yield some general elements:

Having just written all of that smoldering script about long-lasting love, wedding ceremonies are not the only use for an Anniversary Wine Chest: the beginning of a new business venture, a vow that friends will meet up again and open up the wine chest are just a couple possibilities. (A beverage besides wine could be also stored away for a future gathering.)

Other Anniversary Wine Chests will be coming soon. Contact me for special custom wine chests. Future wine chests will be carved and enhanced through the design and joinery.


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