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California Valley Oak Leaves

The round-tip, white oak leaves are carved into a 10” x 4 3/4” bowl. Some inclusions are filled with authentic turquoise connecting the leaves with Indigenous American symbolism of sky and water. Turquoise symbolism can be found in numerous cultures.

The bowl was treated with raw Tung oil which is hardening in the wood fiber and rendering a shield protecting the bowl from moisture. Next, a bees’ wax and walnut oil coating was applied. With little care, I expect this bowl to be past down with stories of family traditions and serve at many dinner tables.

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$400.00 + tax and $17.00 shipping


Keep with a little oil and keep the memories for a hundred years   

“Researchers have found that wood cutting-boards are less likely to harbor bacteria than plastic…” (

Wash your wooden bowl with mild dish soap after use and wipe dry immediately and rinse with some very hot water.

Big River Folk Art woodenware is finished with heat-treated walnut oil or pure Tung oil, which will eventually dry within the gain of the wood, but you can use a light treatment of mineral oil from the drug store to keep your woodenware in good condition. (I have used olive oil without problems with rancidity for years, but rancidity is a possibility with vegetable oils.) Wiping the wooden serving bowl with white vinegar before oiling will deal with bacteria and let it set for a few minutes, if that is a concern. A heavy dose of coarse salt can be added to the oil and rubbed in to scour a surface with extraneous matter, though this is not usually necessary. And the addition of salt helps with bacteria. Or, add a small amount of hydrogen peroxide 3% (from the pharmacy) for a more effective procedure for dealing with bacteria.*

After years of use, should the odor of wine or balsamic vinegar become evident, coat the surface with baking soda and let sit a day or two. Then wipe with white vinegar and oil as usual. The white vinegar will sweeten the wood. (This treatment may also help re-condition woodenware passed down through the family over the years.)

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*(Most of this information is from my research with web sites like I am not an expert in bacteriology, but my personal experience has made me comfortable with the above procedures. Feel free to do your own research, because you are the one that needs to feel comfortable with your personal safety.)

Big River Folk Art

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